About Me

Happy longtime middle-aged wargamer and self-proclaimed intellectal in Amsterdam, Holland. Lawyer. I like large battles, beer, fun with friends, and history. This blog is mostly an alibi to delve into history, the art of miniature painting and review games.

Not afraid to be critical about fanboyism, rules, sales promotion and cheap liquor. Certainly a Napoleon fanboy, though. I try to limit my interests: Early Imperial Romans, Dutch Late Renaissance/ William III, Napoleon The Great, the Dutch/Western Europe WW2 front, and colourful ‘hard SF’ 10mm. No Orcs or Space Marines for me.

Smallscaler. 28mm is for sissies. A wargame should be a BIG battle, and a big battle is fought in 2-6-10 or 15mm – however, I sometimes cheat :-).

Co-founder, webmaster and core member of the Amsterdam6shooters Wargame Club. Feel free to visit us and challenge me. But remember – I’m a fearless armchair general, I modestly call myself the Dutch Napoleon of Wargame, and I always win!