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This blog is my continuing story about my eternal endeavours in the endless black hole that is called the miniature wargaming hobby. Space has no frontier.

I first shared my wargame hobby only by showing my figures to fellow club members from the Amsterdam6shooters wargame club. Then I started blogging on the club site. Then I started my own blog, this blog, earlier named The Dutch Napoleon of Wargame. Napoleon is my hero. In 2021 I started YouTube vlogging, under the new nickname A Bridge Too War, Dutch Wargame Vlog. Which is my new trademark now, so changed the blog name.

In my blog and vlog I will teach you all about my innocent little toy soldiers hobby, tell you how to conquer Moscow with just a ruler, an army of the best tin soldiers in the world and a few dice, publish fun wargame video’s and tutorials and blog about the art of miniature painting.

Life is short. Not gettting bored is the art of it.

Art de la Guerre: In-Depth Review After 4 Standardized Playtest Games

In my playtesting series (Art de la Guerre, Age of Hannibal, DBA 3.0, Mortem & Gloriam and Hail Caesar) I played the same Mons Graupius scenario 4 times with AdlG. My quest: what is the ultimate Ancients ruleset? Third in the series. My other reviews here (AoH) and here (DBA 3.0). My older blogs about…

Plastic Surgery For A 2nd-hand Waterloo Army

I like challenges. A club mate, a former 40K player now enjoying historics, bought a dirt cheap 2nd hand painted Waterloo army which was cheap because it was so ugly. Black primer. Very basic block paint. Blob. Splash. Ready. No wash. No shadow. No depth. Hobgoblin brown skin colour. Outdated sculpts. Probably painted with enamel…

Absolute War Board Game – Easy? Not Really

I was sort of ‘out’ of wargaming after this summer, too busy in my head with several important life events and activities, not hobby projects, like looking around and getting a new job, community activism, my public speaking club etc. Didn’t paint, only bought a few board games, including the acclaimed ‘light’ WW2 strategic East…