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This blog is my continuing story about my eternal endeavours in the endless black hole that is called the miniature wargaming hobby. Space has no frontier.

I first shared my wargame hobby only by showing my figures to fellow club members from the Amsterdam6shooters wargame club. Then I started blogging on the club site. Then I started my own blog, this blog, earlier named The Dutch Napoleon of Wargame. Napoleon is my hero. In 2021 I started YouTube vlogging, under the new nickname A Bridge Too War, Dutch Wargame Vlog. Which is my new trademark now, so changed the blog name.

In my blog and vlog I will teach you all about my innocent little toy soldiers hobby, tell you how to conquer Moscow with just a ruler, an army of the best tin soldiers in the world and a few dice, publish fun wargame video’s and tutorials and blog about the art of miniature painting.

Life is short. Not gettting bored is the art of it.

Napoleonic Wargames vs ‘Reality’: The World According To Rory Muir

As wargamer and amateur-historian, I believed four myths: that battles decided campaigns, that generals galloped in the front lines, that thousands died and that sleek tactical positioning decided a battle. None of these myths is remotely true, I learned. Statistics and soldier’s diaries tell other, true stories. The Love for the Legend I somehow thought […]

1797 Blücher Wargame: Napoleon Defeats Austrians At Rivoli

A 2mm YouTube Project (I) Here’s my outline for a new video wargame project: a 2mm replay of the 14 January 1797 Rivoli battle: a relatively small but decisive encounter between French troops under Napoleon, and Austrians commanded by Alvintzi. Italian campaign, Napoleon succesfully fends off Austrian armies who are trying to relieve their garrison […]

The Ninth Age Fantasy Battles: Is It Improving?

My two Ninth Age articles are the least read but the most debated articles of this blog. I shattered dreams in 2018. And then the dreamers tried to cancel me from their own and every other wargame fora. They were not right, but was I? Here’s my update. 9th-Age is a fan-driven version of Warhammer […]