My Wife Hates My Wargaming Hobby. What To Do?

So. Your wife is complaining that you paint too often and buy too much. Like that old wargamers joke:

An old wargamer just finished painting his latest batch of figures when The Grim Reaper  appears before him. The wargamer seemed undisturbed: “Now you know I can’t die yet, I’ve got a storage room full of miniatures that need painting. It’ll take me years.” The Grim Reaper jokes“Ha! Your wife just sold them on Ebay!”The wargamer has a heart attack and dies.

If you don’t want to die, what are your options?

1) Buy Playmobil for your kids

2) Tell her in your most innocent voice that you want to base them. Like below.

As in: DBA 🙂


You can get all armies via this site, and this one. All you need is love Bolt Action dice.And if you have only daughters?No problem.

How about Barbie?

In the end, you can play for example a 2hr wargames fantasy zombie game, attack of the 50ft woman

Who told you that being a wargame dad is boring?

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