In Exile

I’m the most hated wargamer in Holland.

After work, I paint, I play and blog. I like large battles, beer, fun, and history. Nothing new.

I’m also critical. Toy soldiers and rulebooks cost money. Why say hallelujah to every new kickstarter, new ruleset, new expensive miniatures set, new Games Workshop game because it’s GW, or every non-GW-ruleset because it’s non-GW? I like to be independent.

Unfortunately, independent bloggers attract unwanted flak. I had a regular blog on our club site, but in this internet age, people feel offended easily. Because I doubted the viability of the 9th-age fantasy battle-ruleset (a fan version of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules) some Dutch 9th-age fanboys now hate me and flame me. “Aaargh – you murdered by beloved ruleset! You ruined my life!” Last battle action was a 150+-post thread in a Facebook forum how I spoiled everybody’s fun because I dared to say that ‘Gangs of Rome’ was boring.

Because I don’t want to have my club involved in this matter I have decided to move my blog from the clubsite http://www.amsterdam6shooters,nl to this remote WordPress space. It’s a small world, in particular in tiny Holland.

I’m in exile now. I have no legions. I’m no emperor. It’s only me. If you want to fight me, come to my little island. I’ll will welcome you with the best champagne.
But remember.
I’ll be back.

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