Scooby Doo By Toutatis ! Cartoonizing My Dungeon Crawler Miniature Games

Dungeon crawl games are fun games, no uniforms, no historical colours, pulp fiction, pulp colours, pulp characters. A joy to play against my kids and casual dinner table companions. Just before Christmas I bought Hasslefree figures for my Zombicide and Conan games. Paint job yesterday.

The post-apoc gang aka Scooby Doo cartoon ghosthunters are perfect for Zombicide.

I love their range. Donald Trump, Kill Bill, Mission Impossible, James Bond, New Battlestar Galactica, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Elvis – their miniatures make me smile.

I was also busy feminizing Conan and so I bought ‘Rennie’ and ‘Tilda’. By Toutatis, they remind me of somebody.

For the record: block colours and Army Painter Quickshade, dark tone dip. Lazy but effective.

When will the lockdown and pan(ic)demic end? I hope to have nice afternoons and evenings with friends again. Asap. Of course, opportunities to play are of minimal importance compared to the crisis in our Western hospitals. I’m not stupid.

But although I support the decisions to ban large super spread events, I more and more challenge the rules that forbid us to meet at home, to close schools again, and ban small social meetings. Measures should be in proportion to the threat. This is so Narnia – always winter, never Christmas. I want spring, summer, life!


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