Return Of The Roman Testudo – in 15mm

No Roman army is complete without a testudo. Look at those re-enactor pictures!

And this game video:

I found a 15mm testudo from Warrior Miniatures (link). Online examples of painted models looked fine. I think they’re the only manufacturer with testudos in this scale.

So I bought the testudo figures and started painting. No need for extreme detail, just a brown primer, basic blockpaint, and a Quickshade dip to finish it. You only see the outside.

No side shields included, but on second thought, I didn’t need them (my barbarians are honest barbarians who never attack from the flank). Decals: LBM Corvus Belli.

Good detail, perfect for the wargame table. Adds flavour, like British chariots. It’s a necessity, a moral imperative, one of the Ten Commandments to have testudo’s on your Roman wargame table!

PS: Warrior Miniatures is/was closed for some months, but will be back in business later in 2022, I understood.


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