Star Wars Tabletop Wargame: 40K and other variants available

So you want to play a Star Wars miniature battle game and you’re unhappy with Fantasy Flights X-Wing?

X-Wing, Armada and Imperial Assault are excellent games but not traditional wargames. Boardgame company FFG has no plans to start a miniature wargaming range. Games Workshop didn’t buy a license, for unknown reasons. Don’t cry! As wargame AND Star Wars fan you have other options.

  1. A 40K wargame fan group made their own non-commercial free 40K-Star Wars conversion . The amazing picture above is from their website. Rebel & Alliance Codex: download here.
  2. West End Games once published the Star Wars Table Top Miniatures Game. Awarded ‘Best Miniatures Game’ in 1991. Now a free download with the Open Game License, see this link. I also discovered a review.
  3. Reviewer wrote: “I like SWMB but it definitely needs more…like the vehicle rules in the Companion. As a set of skirmish rules it is OK but shows its age. There are newer systems that can do better. It is more “reality” than Star Wars Miniatures.” Somebody else called it ‘slow’. If you want a modern ruleset, try the Warmaster-inspired Future War Commander. Soon available via Pendraken, in the meantime via LuLu. Approved by Rick Priestey, the system is a cousin of Black Powder.
  4. West End Games also published the D6 RPG Star Wars rules, free OGL download here
  5. You want miniatures? Stormtroopers? Try these. Wargames Factory. Still available.

Have fun!

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