Cheap Napoleonic 6mm MDF miniatures – a good (enough) quality?

Lasercut vs Metal: A Comparison

A small company, Commission Figurines, is producing laser cut 6mm MDF armies. Blogger Bob de Angelis/ A Light In The Dark posted some painted results. His well-painted Prussians:

As comparison,

Baccus 6mm Prussians painted by blogger 6th coalition

Adler (by Blog with No Name):

Heroics & Ros

And Irregular:

De Angelis is happy with his results although from nearby you see a quality and 3D-difference between tin and MDF. He wrote:

I guess the whole point is how close you want to inspect them. When they are on the table in game it’s hard to see the difference. We regularly mix MDF and lead and it takes folks a while to notice.

The MDF-figures are 2 pound per 96 figures. Baccus is 6,60 (EU)/5,50 (UK) per 96 figures, Heroics & Ros 5 GBP, Irregular 4,50. Price matters, De Angelis said

you ask how much is 6,60. Put in that way, not a lot. However when you get to 4000 infantry which cost 80,00 GBP you need to ask how much is 264,00 GBP. Answer quite a lot for some folks…

A matter of taste. Judge for yourself. I hope the pics help.

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