Deana Hendry Joins Our Facebook Group

Today I received a membership request from Deana Hendry, a model now working for Century Model Management in the UK, who wanted to join our Amsterdam6shooters Facebook Group. She was too good to be true.

I, of course, welcomed her in our group and wrote:

Hello Deana. Welcome! I really wondered why you wanted to join our Amsterdam6shooters Wargame Club Facebook Group.

Yes: I am a very attractive 50 year old Amsterdammer myself. Gorgeous body. Smart. The brains of Einstein in the body of Brad Pitt. But the others? Ugly middle aged men who play weird games with dice and miniature soldiers.

You, on the other hand, are a beautiful twentysomething with the looks of an angel. According to your Facebook profile, you’re a professional model and member of 300 facebook groups like ‘Casting & Models’, ‘Model Hunt’, ‘Photographers Manchester’, ‘Freelance Models’, ‘Berlin Models’ and ‘Amsterdam Amateur Photographers’. You have worked for a Dutch model agency.

So, is this a dream? Are you the first of a generation of beauty queens who joins our wargame club? Or is it a mistake, did you or your agent think that we are a photographers club who do photo shoots? Anyway, you’re welcome to visit us. Although I don’t know if my wife likes it. Put your best clothes on (or off, I liked your lingerie photo’s) and meet us filthy bastards.

We also do painting, I will happily bodypaint any Napoleonic uniform you like. Hope to see you soon!

I really hope to introduce her in the wonderful world of wargaming. But I fear the worst…

PS: A wargamer in the Tabletop Commanders Facebook group wanted me banned because of this fun post – because I was a ‘stereotypical male gamer’ who was chasing female gamers away.’

So I replied: “Yes. Ban me. I’m horrible. I also hate Orcs because of their green skin. But sense of humour… Me? A wargamer? Try philatelists.”

And now I’m banned indeed. 🙂 I feel honoured. Make fun and be damned. Story of my life.

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