Speedpainting Wargames Factory WSS Cavalry

The terror virus Osama Bin Corona and my overcautious government forced me to spend my days inside and to cancel all my tabletop games. So I finally had time to finish my 28mm Donnybrook project.

Donnybrook is a fun skirmish League of Augsburg/WSS 1672-1720 game, with storytelling aspects. More than three years ago I bought the rules AND two discounted WSS boxed sets, infantry and cavalry. The boxes are now out of production under the cheap WGF brand, but sold as (more expensive) Warlord WSS cavalry.

I painted the infantry last week, check this review. This week I finished the cavalry. A few snapshots of a quick side project I’m not very proud of.

The figures are good. Horses are quicksnap and the riders have different heads and options. From other WGF figure reviews I understand that the heads were better sculpted than the infantry heads and the horsers better digitally sculpted than earlier horses. Three out of three stars. I used a surplus head, a body, an arm and a flag standard from the infantry box.

My painting is substandard. I must say that I felt bored. Another 12 WGF miniatures. I just painted 36 of them! But I had no choice. I’m locked up in my house by the government and I have to kill time, counting the days until this ‘threat’ is over (I might become sick, just like Prince Charles, even very sick, like Boris Johnson, but fear is overrated these days – sorry to bother you with my personal frustrations). I did this as distraction and had meanwhile trouble to concentrate me on this particular distraction – can you understand that?

So I thoughtlessly speedpainted the figures in green, blue and red and several other colours. My infantry is painted in three groups of 12. I can arrange my multicoloured cavalry as 4 groups of three (green, red, blue and multicolour), 3 groups of 4 (green, red, blue each with an officer in a complementary colour) and 2 groups of 6 (cuirassiers vs musketeers).

Plain simple blockpaint. Half of the horses with white legs and hooves and half of them with black. Quick. Finish it!

I then brushed darktone Quickshade varnish on the miniatures and let them dry. I didn’t even bother to detail or correct them. These miniatures are cheap cannon fodder for a fun 28mm skirmish game that I will occasionally play. My main interest is 6mm large Napoleonic battles, so this is a simple side project.

The poses are very active. Arm’s length is OK. These cowboys will make a fine posse on the tabletop, together with the infantry.

I hope normal life will return ASAP, including club, pub and nightlife. Then I will play Donnybrook. Liberate me! Please!

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