Dropzone Commander UCM Airforce: A Showcase

I switch my focus now and then and one of my ongoing projects is Dropzone Commander. The project is 62,5% finished now. Why can I be so exact? Because I bought 4 armies: 2 starter boxes , 1-2 commander, sspecial forces and a suitable SF Airforce per army. Last year I finished 4 starter boxes. Today I finished the 2nd half of the UCM (humanoid) subproject. So that’s 50% + 12,5% = 62,5%!!!! Wargamers must congratulate themselves, even indulge in it, every time when they complete a project. It’s like Napoleon winning Waterloo.

And I fully admit: I’m proud. Pictures!

I have more, it’s only a part of the force. A few post-painting reflections:

  • I’ve said it earlier: the quality of the sculpts is amazing. Very fine lines.
  • Less is more. This is hard SF. A metallic colour with a single simple contrasting colour works better than 4 or 5 colours. Think HALO.
  • grey/red is the Star Wars Rebel colour scheme.
  • I used red ink and red contrast paint. Ink had a deeper colour. CP was more transparent.
  • Cheap black metallic car paint from the hobby store was perfect for the black commando transport dropships.
  • Decals from Hammer’s Slammers improve the look.
  • Matter of taste: most models were fairly boring until I added gold dots and/or gold lines.

Next army to finish is steampunk Scourge. 75%, here I come!


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