Steampunk Dropzone Scourge – a showcase

2020 is not the best and maybe the worst of all years so far but painting-wise it’s satisfying. Amongst my finished projects is now the Dropzone Commander Scourge army, 2nd box, airforce, special forces and CiC ready. Against my UCM-army I can now put a large combined arms Scourge force.

The style is evil steampunk. Green, copper, purple, black. Eye catcher is the Scourge Oppressor, a giant crab.

Painting of this second batch was less ambitious than the first box, not 5 layers+shade+highlights+details but just a base coat, block paint and Nuln Oil wash, sometimes alternated with Contrast Paint.

Painting is big fun, but as you see below, the overall effect of the battle on a table defines a wargame, not an individual highlight on an individual model. Not for me, at least, and not with this 10mm scale. Road signs, crashed cars and traffic lights have more visual impact than the umpteenth fine detail. Believe me.

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