2D6 WW2 6mm German Tanks & Russian Infantry – a thorough review

Mr Robert Fellows from 2D6 Wargaming kindly sent me a sample pack for a review. He asked for not for a good, but for an honest review. I keep my promises, so here it is.

First a disclaimer. I’m a secret Irregular fan. Their ranges are held in low esteem by many gamers. Blobs. My WW2 vehicles – NOT the infantry – are all Irregular and I’m happy with them. Unlike many other manufacturers, Irregular offers a full range, a full army in a discounted bag and a website with colour pictures. Compare that to perfect but expensive GHQ, the still confusing & cluttered H&R website, the Scotia Grendel site with a few black & white photo’s or the – although expanding – still limited Baccus range.

The Irregular vehicles are chunky, handsculpted models and need to be remodelled to 2020-standards if you compare it to the current competitors, but hey – this is 6mm! Detail is overrated! Which 6mm details do you spot at arm’s length on a dim lit table? With a good coat of paint, wash and highlight and a decal all tanks are more or less the same. Irregular, too.

(check my 6mm WW2 painting & basing guide)

Vehicle Detail & Size

That said, I must say that mr Fellows’ 3D-designed tanks are incredibly detailed. Unbelievable high standard.

Above a close up from a 2D6 5mm German ‘Erzatz’ M10-tank, a German ‘Ardennes offensive’ Panther tank disguised as US M10-tank. Below the same tank as 1/48 Tamiya model with Hauler conversion kit (left) and the real M10 US tank destroyer.

For history buffs: to pinch through the enemy lines, the Nazis used captured Allied tanks, English speaking German commando’s in Allied uniforms, and about 10 converted Panther tanks in Allied colours. The silhouette of the Panther and the turret were changed so that it became an M10-lookalike.

And as you see and compare th 6mm with the 1/48 Tamiya model above, the 2D6 detail is AMAZING. I can spot all the 1/48 details on the 1/300 2D6 model.

For comparison: a GHQ M10.

Promo 6mm M10-picture from Magister Militum

Mr Fellows also sent me the Jagdpanther, the Bergepanther (an armoured recovery vehicle, for bulldozing and towing) and the Sov T34/76 Model 1941.

Infantry & Infantry Size

John Bleasdale from Grymauch’s Solo Wargame blog extensively reviewed the 2D6 infantry, way better than I can do.

I refer to him. He measured different figures, from top of base to top of head:

Old H&R – 6mm (fractionally under)2D6 – 6mmNew H&R – 6.5mmGHQ – 7mmAdler – 7mmBaccus – 8mm

He painted Russian 6mm infantry, that I also received as a sample. His results are as always beautiful.


What counts for a honest and thorough review is the relative size of 6mm infantry compared to the 6mm tank, and the size of a tank compared to other tanks. The only comparisons that I have at home are Adler and Irregular.

Real life soldiers are as tall als the top of the hull of the tank. See below.

I bought Adler infantry, for obvious reasons, and in particular because I like the oversized heads. But if you look at close distance, you will notice that my Adler figures are relatively too tall for my Irregular vehicles.

As you see below the relative size is correct.

The 2D6 models are 10-20% larger than my Irregular models. Detail: hand-sculpted is Irregular is no serious match . Two very different styles, indeed.

I must admit I can still spot the detail difference from a distance.


ManufacturerPrice per tank/price per infantry
H&R0,65 GBP per tank/ 0,60 per 12 figures
Irregular0,88 per tank/0,44 per 6 figures/ (miniatures 20% discount if bought as battle pack)
Scotia Grendel0,65 per tank/3,00 per 50 figures
Baccus1,00 per tank (1,20 EU) /6,00 per 96 figures (7,20 EU)
2D61,20 per tank/ 0,50 per 4 figures
GHQ (via Magister Militum)2,40 per tank, 0,50 per 4 figures
Pendraken 10mm2,67 (3,20 +VAT), 1,54 (1,85+VAT) per 10 figures

My honest final verdict

  • I’m impressed by the level of detail that 2D6 offers. It’s incredible. Sculpts and casting are excellent.
  • My comparison with Irregular is almost unfair. Different way of designing. Different quality. A different size that allows more details. A very different price. 40 discounted Irregular vehicles cost about 28 GBP. 40 2D6 vehicles would cost 40-48 GBP, depending on a discount. I think I should compare Irregular with H&R or Scotia Grendel. Not with this high end state-of-the-art 2D6.
  • I was not able to make a direct comparison, but from what I see on the web I think 2D6 is comparable with GHQ.
  • Neither was I able to directly compare with Baccus tanks but these appear to have the same good quality.
  • I’m not into 6mm WW2 marketing. Is the average Joe a geek who cherry picks, and shops around to find specific models to add to his existing collection? Or are we talking about new players, that are starting a new scale and are looking for a mid-priced boxed set?
    • For the geeks who already own GHQ and want extras, 2D6 is just as good as their current collection (I think) and better priced.
  • But with regard to boxed sets, the competition is ahead.
    • Irregular sells low end army packs for 35 GBP (40 vehicles & 20 infantry). They also sell planes!
    • Baccus is expanding its range and already sells, for example, a mid-priced Airlanding Brigade, designed for Spearhead. “This and the other packs in the series are modular and can be combined to create higher formations. eg two Parachute brigades combine with one Airlanding brigade to form an Airborne Division.”
    • GHQ is relatively expensive – but has a complete range.
    • Quality 6mm sculpts compete with 10mm miniatures. Pendraken sells Blitzkrieg Commander battle packs.
  • I would be very tempted if 2D6 would sell a ‘Bastogne Battle Pack” or a ‘Kursk Battle Pack’, with opposing forces, scenery and vehicles.

So I wish Fellows all the best in developing his range. The sample looks promising. Very!


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