Dutch Napoleon Blog Becomes BTW Vlog – Name Change!

I used to blog only. What is vlogging? Cell phones are hell. Video comes from the devil. Social media is a deadly disease. YouTube is a drug.

I changed my mind. A good vlog can be entertaining, and instructive. A thorough review should be written, a historical scenario or an opinion will be most clear in a text blog, but a speed paint tutorial? Or a wargame report? If your main goal is to show pictures or tell a news story about a nice wargame meeting, short videoclips and interviews are a better way to share/ show friendship and fun than endless text. Minature wargaming is about combining artisanship with friendship.

I thought I wasn’t able to edit videoclips at all, but my 13-year old daughter showed me on her phone how easy editing has become. After three home video clips and two months experience I now feel confident enough to blog and vlog about the wargaming hobby. Fidgeting with audio and images and positioning of audio is very similar to painting details on very small miniatures. And addictive.

So I will merge the two hobby’s into one and become a multimedia wargamer. For a multimedia channel, my original ‘Dutch Napoleon of Wargame’ title was too long. ‘Bridge To War’ is short, Arnhem, Dutch and war – better. And an alibi to design another logo.

Here’s my first (club) wargame report. Club production with the club Amsterdam6shooters stamp on it. Dutch spoken.

My own non-club projects will be presented with my own blog/vlog logo. Me is me and they are them, always. I’m Napoleon. They are France 🙂

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