Arkham Grand Central: 10mm Gothic SF Scenery For Dropzone Commander Wargame

For my ongoing Dropzone Commander project I bought and painted an expensive monorail.

TT Combat sells the Ryan Memorial station, a New York Grand Central clone. I couldn’t resist buying it.

Here’s the original.

Dropzone cardboard skyscrapers are coloured, a very white station would look out of style. I liked a more contrasting look. Off-white with corroding copper. Very art-deco

So I primed the building grey, painted simple acrylic white hobby paint as top coat, added ‘German field grey’ as contrast colour, added gold, and brushed the building with Army Painter strong tone medium wash (the ‘dip’ varnish).

I glued extra panels on the side, for more relief, and emptied my bitbox. I found dragon wings and minotaurs, excellent as art deco ornaments/statues.

The building is now exactly what I want: grotesque, very Arkham art deco, a nice eyecatcher on the table. I think I’ll add lichen to give it a more decayed, Fall of the House of Usher-look.


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