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We Always Have Paris

How a wargaming dad spends his summer vacation with the kids? Very much like other, non-wargaming dads, of course. In swimming pools and cycling through forests with non-wargaming mum. Last week I took the 2 kids to a quick midweek holiday to Paris, wife had to work (somebody has to pay the holiday:-). Again, we did a lot of things non-wargaming dads do with their kids. Eiffel Tower. Ferris wheel. Montmartre.

BUT I couldn’t resist to go to the Napoleon tomb AND the War Museum. Of course. I lectured them about Austerlitz and Waterloo. Actually, they liked it! (or pretended to, they know their dad) 🙂

And what did I find in one of the innumerable souvenir shops, while my daughter was looking for an ‘I Love Paris’-T-shirt? An excellent ‘Napoleon Crossing The Alps’-statuette, not meant to be painted, but I will paint it like I was David himself nevertheless.

Great holiday! As my other favorite hero, Rick in my favorite movie Casablanca said: “We always have Paris”…

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