Need For Speed(painting): Primer, Skin, Straps – Miniature (Almost) Ready!

I’m a lazy painter who believes that models are just painted chess pieces. I paint functional to play with more joy, because my miniatures have a proper coat of paint. I’m not an artist, I’m a gamer.

Yesterday evening, I speedpainted British airborne. Brown undercoat and details. 10 in 2 hrs. Still work in progress, but the squad is almost finished.

I can make many pictures like this, but the message is clear, it’s almost table top quality already. Without dipping. Yet.

Results look fine. Just like the Hät-Bavarians and other Bolt Action club miniatures that I painted.

So, being a life long cynic, I ask: what’s the added value if you can paint a figure that has 80 percent or more of the quality of a museum quality figure, in 20 percent of the time?

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