Small, smaller, smallest: Irregular 2mm Napoleonic (I)

I must be mad. I’ve been declared mad by wargame friends many times, every time when I bought 15mm and not their beloved 28mm in particular. They advised me to find professional help when I moved to 6mm. Or a microscope. I didn’t. Today however I doubted my own sanity, for a second. I bought two 2mm armies. I just pressed ‘add to cart’ and now they’re mine. Soon to be delivered in Amsterdam, Holland.

But I’m perfectly sane, I realized. First reason: Covid. I don’t know when life will return to normal. Normal means to me: playing in a club house with a group of people and without face masks. I need a portable army that I can bring to a friend’s house for a vis-a-vis game. A shoebox army. Even more portable than my 5 shoebox 6mm army excluding scenery. I bike, I don’t have a car.

Second reason: Brexit. A hard Brexit looms. Tax, postage: I wonder what will happen. I’m not overly optimistic.

Third reason: 2mm is dirt cheap. 13,75 GBP for an ARMY. I bought 2 and a scenic pack. 50 euro.

And I think it can be beautiful.

Forward March 3d Printed Miniatures
Nick Harwoods Irregular Horse & Musket army.

Do I need to convince myself? Maybe. Maybe this whole blog is an act of self-justification. Grandstanding for the smallest scale.

Anyway, I will buy that microscope. 2mm is not a coronavirus. It’s smaller.


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