DropZone Commander Showcase: Captain America Insectoid Paint Scheme

This week I finished my second Shaltari starter box. I bought 4 armies in 2017. I love the bright colours that SF has in common with Napoleonics.

I checked many old and new SF movie pics and ‘researched’ what logical paint schemes would be for archetypical SF armies: see my earlier blogs, here and here. I wanted something original, not just a DZC copy. So my humanoid UCM are Star Wars silvergrey and red, the evil Scourge Joker orange, green and purple, and the cyborg PHR sportscar chrome. But what about alien Shaltari?

The original orange colour scheme is impressive, btw.

Original orange, here painted by Poisontail

But my Scourge are (copper) orange already and I wanted heavy contrasting colours for this army.

Insects inspire.

And Captain America.

Napoleon and the Dutch Red Lancers

Blue, red, orange with black, white and some yellow or gold. Effective colour combination. I copied that colour scheme and used it for the army (as a whole), with the waspy infantry in yellow and black and the anty light/ small infantry in red.

What you can’t see on the pictures but only in real life: I used glitter from a Christmas card project that I liberately sprinkled over the miniatures before varnishing. The miniatures now twinkle. Glamrock. Elvis on stage.

It’s the final box from my 8-box SF project. Mission accomplished. I have now 4 armies for big bloody battles, Dropzone or other systems, that are quite different in style and colour:

After lockdown, I will invite others to the club to play glittery glamrock games! Alien butterflies vs tanks, robocrabs or cyborgs – Captain America would be proud!


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