2mm painting – the Donis Lopatka Tutorial

This week Donis Lopatka published an excellent painting guide in the 2mm Facebook group that was very instructive.

Recently I wrote my own 2mm painting guide with best practices from other painters, because hints and tips are more or less scattered over the internet and sometimes seem contradictory. Donis is not using contrast paint, as I do, but is using drybrushing as technique. I like different approaches to the same problem.

Facebook sadly is not an archive but more a diary with pictures and I wanted to save his step-by-step-pictures for posterity :-). So I blatantly copypasted his Facebook tutorial with his comments here below, for own referral and to help others who are googling how to paint 2mm.

You’re a great painter, Donis! All credits to you!

Lopatka wrote:

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